Terms and Conditions

  1. The registration fee covers conference materials, attendance of all technical sessions, and publication.
  2. The registration fee covers one participant only. Multiple authors who are attending must register separately, and those who are not presenting should register as a non-presenter.
  3. A non-presenter participant can attend two selected sessions only and won’t get any seminar materials. Each session has limited participants.
  4. A receipt will be generated from the payment confirmation details after your payment is verified.
  5. Payments are nonrefundable (without exception).
  6. Participants are responsible for transfer fees and bank charges.
  7. Participants are charged based on their institution/affiliation not the nationality of the first author.
  8. Submitting an extra paper or extra presenter is applicable only to the same presenter or first author.
  9. The authors responsible to revise their papers as reviewer or editor asked on schedule.
  10. If the author does not sent back the revised paper on time, the committee can be automatically decline the manuscript.